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Mia Diaz Dance Moms Miami

Mia Diaz was born on September 17, 2001 and is 11 years old.  Mia Diaz was a dancer on Lifetime’s Dance Moms Miami  Mia Diaz lives in Miami, FL and dances at STARS Dance Studio.  Mia and Lucas Triana are rumored to have their own show soon!  She danced at Just Dance it before she went to STARS.  Mia started dancing at 2.5 years old.   Her talent agency is Bloc Agency.  Her favorite styles of dance are  Musical Theater, jazz, lyrical and contemporary.  Mia wants to perform on Broadway when she grows up.  If she doesn’t grow up to be a dancer she would like to sing because she loves to perform.  Her favorite subject in school is Math and she gets straight A’s.   Mia Diaz has two brothers Ryan and Tyler.  Her mom is Leonora Diaz.  Mia Diaz has an Official Facebook Fan Page and her mom Leonora has a Youtube Channel.
Mia Diaz Dance Moms

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  1. Maya

    Hi!! I just wanted to say how much I love you Mia!! You are such an amazing dancer with great talent. Your mom is so lucky to have a daughter as great, talented, and beautiful as you are! I watch you on YouTube (nonstop) and NEVER get tired of it. You really know how to get a crowd’s attention. Onstage, you are like a beautiful and graceful butterfly spreading its wings wide for the audience to see. I love you soooosoooo much, and I never want you to give up your dreams. Remember to shoot for the stars, and that the sky’s the limit! 

    1. hannah aka dancer for life 2016

      hey mia im also a dancer and im 10 and i dance everyday like u and when i grow up im gonna audition for the joffrey ballet or miami city ballet . i just wanna say ur a beautiful dancer and follow ur dreams and never forget that ur a beautiful and talented young girl that is going to become famous !!!!! i luv u mia !!!!
      sincerely ,

    2. Concerned Parent

      Let’s show that these two Dance Moms shows are real. Mia you are a beautiful dancer and much better than Maddy from Abby Lee. I am sure you are at the same competitions sometimes but they never show you beating her. I think they should the real outcome and that you definitely beat her in any competition the two of you are in.

      Keep dancing, keep smiling and keep your positive pleasant attitude

  2. Ava

    Hi Mia!!!!!!!!! I hope you get this message! if you do it would mean the world to me if you replied!!!! I am following you on instagram and I really want you to follow me!!!! you are my inspiration! This year I quit dance because i didnt think I was that good but when i watched you, i practiced and practiced and practiced!!!! i asked my mom if i can start again and she said, “no” and then i thought that i would never do dance again and I just forgot about it. I watched you again and again and again. Then i realized I love dance and it needs to be in my life somehow even if i couldnt take classes. Thank You for inspiring me!
    P.s. my birthday is a day before yours!!!!
    my email is… Please email me if you did i would be so happy that i would cry!
    I AM YOUR #1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. erin

    hiii! mia you inspire me so much! when ever i watch you dance it makes me feel like i could be just like you! you are thebest person i know! also i am a dancer like you! today i had a rehersal and i am only 10 and i dance with 12 13 14 year old! i really hope to see you on dance moms miami! then you will definitlly me my fav on dance moms miami>………….. can you tell kimmy if you ever seeen her i think she is a great little dancer!

  4. Hannah

    Mia I’ve been dancing as long as you have and I love contemporary lyrical people say I’m the bomb at dancing but u are so much better people say the way u dance is just like me but that cant be true I think u are great I love u

  5. Kaykay

    Hi Mia!!!!! You Are adorable and such an amazing dancer!!!!!!!! You have inspired me to continue dance!!! You should try to convince the studio to go to the Arnold’s classic next year in columbus Ohio!!!! It’s a HUGE event!!!

  6. Mary

    Hey Mia. When i saw the preview for the next episode, I was happy to see you there (are you going to join perhaps for real?) Well anyways, I can’t wait for you to appear on the show. ^^
    I loved when Kimmy said “Can we keep her?” XDD

  7. Sydney

    Hello Mia! You are quite the dancer and you are a stunning little girl. You make me wish I could dance! I love to see your dances on youtube. You have a career in this. You could probably do whatever you wanted dance-related. I’m excited to see you on Dance Moms Miami. I think you’ll be a nice fit for the show and I can’t wait to see what your personality is like, even though reality TV probably isn’t a good way to judge character. Keep working hard sweetie!

  8. Ericka

    Hey Mia!

    On this app called Instagram and there was a girl the had a page about you and it said… Hi Halle, and then you wrote a message. After I read the message it said Skype: Mia.Diaz101. All I want to know is that is that your real skype name if it is add me. I will tell you it on Instagram.And can you please follow me on instagram my username is @colorfulfashion54. And by the way I am the same age as you so please follow me!!!

    From your Dance Mom Miami Fan,

  9. maggie

    i luv u. i danc in ny and my scol is known 4 tap. our director owns legacy. i hope u can visit our studio one day. i hope to see u in dance moms miami.


  10. Maliah C.

    Hi Mia!!!!(; You are a Amazing dancer. You are awesome if u have an instagram can u send me a friend request? My name is

  11. Natalie

    You are such an amazing dancer and you ARE SO FLEXIBE i LOVE YOU

  12. Rachel

    Hi Mia!!! I am a dancer to and I just wanted to let you know how much I admire you!! I think you are sooooooooooooooo talented! I am 11 and you are so incredible for being only 10 and being so amazing! I hope you get to read this!

  13. christina

    i think you are aamzing dancer. but i really hope no one got off the dance moms miami team. but i really like you. u have the it-factor in the palm of your hand. like Victor always says ‘THE GIRL WAS FIERCE!” visualize me snapping my fingers.

  14. christina

    i love you. i really hop no one got kicked of Starz. you are a amazing dancer. like victor always says “the firl was fierce!”

  15. Nellisha

    OMG!!! You are such an awesome dancer! Even though you’re only 10, you dance like a true performer. keep up the good work, mia. i’m also a dancer and if i ever meet you, then we could give each other a few pointers. keep dancing, and be the star you are!!!

  16. Melissa Bosmann

    You are such an amazing dancer! can u do ustream with victor sometime? iluv u mia!


  17. Mia

    O.M.M!!!! (Oh My Mia!!!!) Mia is my name too! And my grandma’s last name is Diaz!!!! This is so wierd!!!! Anyway, I love her so much!!! She is so talented and so pretty!!!

  18. patricia adele

    mia, hi iam patricia adele i wanted to say this…

    you are a good dancer but are you really famous? iam just like you but i want to be a dncer and a singer! :) anyways email me at i <3 u !! :) <3!!!

  19. Jasmine

    MIA Diaz I am ur biggest fan I am so lucky to be in Leewood k-8 center with u I hope u aren’t in extention class for 5th grade I want u to be in regular and in the same class as me well we will find out on August 20 love ya. UR BIGGEST FAN… I HOPE U REMEMBER ME JASMINE CHUNG IN Mrs.Morgado’s 4rh grade class. BYE

  20. Lydia

    I want to meet u so bad:)

  21. Sarah

    Dear mia,

    My name is Sarah I live in Texas and you came to my studio with angel, victor, and Melanie in early June. You are such an inspiration to me and it would mean the world to me if you emailed me back. I have sketches of you that I would like to mail to you but I don’t know your fan mail address. That weekend you came to Texas you and angel taught a small selection of people their cmpetition dance and victor taught another selection of people. I was in the class with victor. And I don’t know if you remember me. Every time I saw you I would say “oh my god it’s Mia!” please respond so I can get your fan mail address, it would make me the happiest person in the world.

    Thank you! -Sarah

  22. Brooklyn

    Hi Mia I am your #1 fan I try to do my hair like you dance like u be like u I am 10 like u and so I try to learn ur dances and do them as good as u I have only seen u once at i Hollywood in Tulsa u were amazing I’ve always wished that I could meet u but it was a dream come true to even see u I am also a dancer I love u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Kayla

    Hi Mia, I think you are really talented, smart, and adorable!! I’m a dancer too, but not as good as you are, I hope in a couple of years I will be as good as you!! I took of a year of dancing because a bone in my back was cracked and I couldn’t do the stuff I use to do, but I have recovered and I can go back to dancing, so I’m so happy, but everybody else is better then me because I took a year off, but when I watch you dance you make me want to push and be the best I can ever be!!
    Thank’s Mia, your an inspiration to me!! Keep on DANCING!! :)

    ~ Kayla Jolly ~

  24. morgan

    hi mia if u get my message i want to know if u can come and show me around ur studio luv ur dancing big huge fan<3 mp

  25. Claire


  26. Marianne

    Hey Mia Just Wanted Too Say You And Lucas Make great Couple (AS in dancers) your extremly talented and just wanted too sya don’t believe anything the mothers say okay

  27. Amaya

    Mia is so awesome I love her. She truly has a gift.

  28. Kiki

    Hey mia it’s Kiki ur #1 fan can u plz give me ur phone # so we could become friends together!

  29. Blaine

    Hi Mia you are my idol you are and amazing dancer and I wish I could meet you

  30. Chuck

    Hi Mila I have been a fan for the past 2 years. I am impressed at oknly 8 yrs of age you already showed great talent, beauty and grace. I was hooked and have been following your career . I was thrilled to discover you now have a fan

  31. Chuck

    Hi Mia Love ya keep up the good work, C you later <3 Chuck

    1. Chuck

      This is a note of admiration of you Mia u r a GREAT dancer and a top notch performer. that’s all,

      Luv <3 Chuck being a 2 year+ fan I'd like to have an autographed photograph of you

  32. Chuck

    This is a note of admiration of you Mia u r a GREAT dancer and a top notch performer. that’s all,

    Luv <3 Chuck

  33. Chuck

    Hi Mia I have been a huge fan of yours for nearly 3 years and wonder if you would please send me an autographed photograph of you dancing. It will be most appreciated by me and my 2 girls.OK?
    Please? I shall send you an SASE as soon as I get a PO Box and you live in Miami, Right? but I don’t know your zip code …Thanks again, your loyal fan Chuck

  34. Kayla

    Hi there I just want to say that I love you an I’ve seen you all the time when you dance I’m a elite dance like you. But on dance moms the original they got a girl name Sophia and Sheila REALLY good better than most girls who dance but people are saying she is better than you and honestly I think she just has a little more “technique” than most girls but have got the face the style and ever thing you would want in a dancer keep up the good work.

  35. freya

    hey mia, I think you’re awesome at dancing and I was wondering if it’s too late to fulfill his dream to dance, I think it’s sick fun with dance, gymnastics, ballet, but I do not know if it’s too late that the dream will be true? <3 kiss and hug

  36. Madison F.

    HEY MIA!!!!
    im madison and im the same age as you! you are a wonderful dancer!!! I just wanted to ask u something.. I have always wanted to dance but I havent got to yet! :( but i was wondering since im 11 almost 12 could i start dacing this yearand become as great as you? it makes me upset because i am so Jelly of u! :( plzzzz reply back and follow me on instagram: Madison_Fletcher_16 : I wont change my instagram name till u follow me i am folllowing u… email me @

  37. emily

    hey Mia, you are a an amazing dancer. Your sooo lucky. I dance too. I started dancing since I was 5 but I’m flexible but I still can’t do the splits. I love jazz, contemporary, hip hop and modern. I would love to meet you, even though you live all the way over in LA. I live in Australia, Sydney. P.S. Remember this: dance like no one is watching and you never know if you don’t try. xx

  38. Emily

    Hey mia. Wow, you are an amazing, beautiful and talented dancer. I watch dance moms and you are great. I’m a dancer too but I’m not famous and I don’t live in America or Miami. I’m 14 and started dancing when I was five. My favourite dances are jazz, contemporary, modern and hip hop. Keep up the good work!!!! – Emily xx

  39. Emily

    Hey Mia, you are an amazing, beautiful and talented young dancer. I’m a dancer too and I started dancing when I was five and now I’m 14. I watch Dance Mom and you are great. The dances that I love are jazz, contemporary, modern and hip hop. Keep up the good work. – Emily xx

  40. Natashka

    Hi Mia!!!
    My name is Natashka and I live in London, England. I watch you on YouTube all the time, I even got my phone confiscated three times in school when I was on YouTube watching you!!! I’m following you on Instagram and it would be nice if you followed back but that’s your choice ✌ I’m a dancer like you and I think I’m going to start modelling as lots of people always tell me I have height, figure and smile lol!. I do tap, modern, jazz, ballet, street dance, gymnastics and contemporary ballet. My dance school do a show every year and in my ballet we’re doing an Arabian contemporary ballet and its really fun. It’s difficult but it’s fun. I love doing dancing like you. I’m always dancing wherever I go. When we do dance at school I always get real excited even though we don’t do proper dance. I have performed in assembly at school six times and got awarded. It would be lovely if you replied to me. My email is
    Love from Natashka xxxxxxx
    P.S I think your one of the best dancers in the world. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  41. Destiny Parker

    omg ilove u. ur sooo good

  42. Ava coyne

    Mia, my room is filled with ur pics!! And I memorized on of ur solos! I really love u !! Don’t stop dancing!! Werk it girl! Werk it!!

  43. Jasmine


  44. Jolie

    Hi Mia,
    I love you so much i’m a very very Big Fan! You are so Pretty nice beautiful and georgeos.
    You are so good in dance sing and other sings. Your model style is very cool. I wish you that you can perform on broadway. That Works ;)

  45. Darrellin

    Mia you are so talleinted to me and if Abby is mean to you I will
    Talk to her

  46. Morgan

    Hi Mia

    My name is Morgan and I just saw you dancing on youtube you were really good and now I totally love you i’m a dancer too I do ballet and I totally love it i’m only one year younger than you so I think we could be great friend and i’m turning 11 this year if you are reading this i’d really like if you would email me back so I so get your email and we can get in contact with each other because I live in Florida too maybe we could meet each other sometime and you could give me a little pointers and we could become great friends

    Love, Morgan

  47. Mary

    Mia is so pretty and talented :) <3

  48. Alexa

    I love you sooooooo much
    You inspired me to dance for as long as I did
    i did danced for 3 years and then switched over to cheerleading but I still
    Love You
    It would mean the world to me if you would email me
    (Ps. I’m 10)

  49. oumayma

    hi!mia,your magazin is beautiful

  50. oumayma

    i love you mia

  51. Alice

    Hi Mia I love your dances and I have watched all of your YouTube videos. I think you are very talented and are a very pretty and beautiful girl. You are very good at hip hop because I have watched you werk that stage! I also love your friend Autumn miller as well! I hope you keep dancing all your life as you are very good at expressing your feelings and emotions. I would love to meet you one day but sadly I can’t because I live in England

  52. Kaylen Jones

    Hi Mia. I am a lover of dance. I do modern, ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, ballet, and tap. I follow u on facebook and i think u, autumn miller, and sophia lucia are the best dancers out there!

  53. julia

    Hey Mia I hope that you read this.
    I love to look as you dance.
    My dream is to see you together with Autumn Miller.
    Uwielwiam look at your videos.
    I AM your biggest fan !!!

  54. Julia Kasprzak

    Hey. I just love you!
    I love to watch her ​​dance.
    My dream is to see you together with Autumn Miller.
    Uwielwiam look at your videos.
    I’m your biggest fan!
    JULIA …

  55. Siena

    Hi Mia,
    How are u?
    I just wanted to say that u are my inspiration✨
    You make me smile when I am frowning.
    I wish I could meet u!
    You should do a meet and greet with AUS you can visit Queensland, Melbourne and Sydney

  56. Torri

    Hey Mia I’m a dancer my self and how you expired me to be an AWSOME dancer like you and remember you are a beautiful and bright young lady and an awesome one to I luv you so much and thank you for every thing you have done Thank you sooooooooooosoooooooo much never give up your dreams and veep going to your goal and be happy That your a perfect dancer Luv you so so much I’m your #1Fan :) thank you Mia Diez

    Love you as a Dancer
    Dancers against cancer

  57. Malika Winkler

    Hi Mia, I LOVE YOU <3

  58. ahmed mebarki

    hola mi mia
    vista y revisar sus videos en youtube me hace feliz verte un día en un pectacle vivir una miami C es un deseo me esxue

  59. Lexi Clayton

    Hi Mia! I Love watching you on youtube. You are one of my favorite dancers! I’m doing a project on you right now….. that’s how I found your site. If you can email me please do it. Thank you so much! Love you!

  60. Bella

    Hey Mia , I have always wished to become a famous dancer just like you. I started dancing when I was 3. How old were you when you started dancing? I love dancing! Your an amazing dancer. Your REALLY pretty as well! I’m a huge fan and love watching all your dances.

  61. Tiffany

    hi mia your so perfect! I wanna be u when I grow up.Little girls look up 22 u.

  62. Kenzie

    Hey Mia!!!! I just want to thank you for the autographed picture and the awesome letter you sent back. I just want to let you know how much I look up to you as a dancer and I’m a dancer too! I hope you come to Maryland some time and you are such a role model to me. Thanks!

  63. mariana de la torre

    you are incredible i met you on mexico on yo bailo i even send you directa on instagram but i want to see ya again can you come to my studio inmotion dance studio loveya missu

  64. Julianadanzer

    Hi Mia, you are my biggest inspiration
    ❤️ you are the one who got me dancing✨ Thanks so much for everything thank you

  65. aimee

    hi mia im 12 years old I can do heaps of stuff of gymnastics. I live in new Zealand and I want to be like you how do be like you

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